Air Racing

September Reno Air Races 2004
by Skip Holm

These were hot August nights in
Provo, Utah. 
This was air race season

The Dago Red crew had been working through the nights and days to install the engine that would give Dago Red another race victory, the sixth consecutive win in a row, making Dago Red the winningest racer in the history of air racing. The engine had taken approximately eight months to overhaul, inspect, and repair. A new crank and new main bearings had needed to be installed, as well as traditional components from running such high manifold pressure. The Dago team had tried a new power setting in the 2003 race and this had been disastrous to the engine. The torque had been so great that the crankshaft had flexed between the bearings, in the longitudinal axis, with the consequence being the edges of the main crankshaft bearings had broken off and had been found laying in the oil pan.