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Name:            SKIP HOLM

Address:         23401 PARK SORRENTO, #12, CALABASAS, CA 91302
Telephone:      818-225-0077    Email: skipholm@aol.com Website: www.skipholm.com
Occupation:  Air Force Pilot / Test Pilot / Race Pilot

Air Race Awards:  Gold Winner of 1981, 1984, 2000, 2002 and 2003 Reno Unlimited Air Races in four different aircraft; Gold Winner of 1984 Canadian Unlimited International Air Race in the Healer; Winner of 2002 and 2003 Nellis Air Race in Dago Red.
World Closed Course Speed Record set in 1981, 2002, 2003 and 2004 for reciprocating propeller driven aircraft in Jeannie and Dago Red; World Unlimited Closed Course Qualifying Record of 450.085 mph set in 1981 flying Jeannie and 497.787 mph set in Dago Red in 2002; Reno Race Gold Speed Record of 437.621 mph in Stiletto in 1984; World Unlimited Closed Course Lap Record of 512.164 mph in 2003 in Dago Red; World Unlimited Closed Course Race Record Average of 506.509 mph in 2003 in Dago Red; Reno Race Gold Speed Record of 487.938 mph set in Dago Red in 2003; 2002 Pulitzer Trophy from the National Aeronautics Association; Thompson Trophy presentation in 2003 for World Speed Record flight of 512.164 mph, as well as Thompson Trophy for record speed at 2004 Reno Races.

AIR FORCE Lt Col fighter pilot with 37 years, 8 months, and 24 days service.
Air Force Decorations: Thirty-seven combat decorations. Three Distinguished Flying Crosses; Air Force Meritorious Service Medal; Twenty-five Air Combat Medals; Air Force Commendation Medal; National Defense Service Ribbon; Combat Ready Medal; Seven Vietnam Service Medals; and the Vietnam RV Camp Medals.
Combat tours:  Combat Pilot with World Record of 1,072 combat flight hours: Korat RTAFB (1968) and Takhli RTAFB (1969) in F-105D Thunderchief fighter aircraft for 163 combat missions, 471.5 combat flight hours. Korat RTAFB (1970-1971) in F-4E Phantom fighter aircraft for 189 combat missions, 600.9 combat flight hours.
Distinguished Graduate of all Air Force flying schools: USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training; F-105 Upgrade Pilot Training; USAF Top Gun Combat Training; F-4 Upgrade Pilot Training; Pacific Forces Combat Stage, USAF Test Pilot School.

Served as a Lockheed Aircraft, “Skunk Works” division engineering test pilot for system design reviews, aircraft design reviews, flight test, production test, production acceptance, and flight test reporting on F-117, U-2R, F-22, and TR-1 programs and numerous other classified fighter aircraft projects.

Piloted propeller driven and jet aircraft in airshows and remembered for the variety of notable aircraft flown in airshow routines. Acrobatic Airshow routines: Red Knight Lockheed T-33 jet fighter, F-86 North American jet fighter,  BD-10 Bede Aircraft Corp sport jet, Gnat TR-1 Folland jet fighter, Aero L-39 Aero Vodochody jet fighter, Mig-15 / Mig-17 Mikoyan jet fighter,  J-35 Draken Saab jet fighter, ME-109 WWII Messerschmitt fighter, LTR-14 Roscoe Turner 1930s Golden Age Unlimited Racer, Rare Bear F-8 Grumman WWII fighter, Dago Red P-51 WWII North American fighter.

Kiddie Hawk Living Legend of Aviation Award, Congressional Civilian National Aviators Award; California State Appreciation Medal; Pulitzer Trophy in 2002 from the National Aeronautics Association; Thompson Trophy in 2003 for Reno Air Race speed record flight of 512.164 miles per hour; Thompson Trophy 2004 Reno Air Races.

COMMERCIALS: “YUKIKAZE” Japanese gaming. Aerial segment Stunt Pilot. “SMITHSONIAN AVIA” US aviation presentation to Washington. “IRON MAIDEN WORLD TOUR” aerial segment, coordinator/pilot. “JAMAICA THOR” L-39 Dog-Fight Yacht Attack. Stunt Pilot Aerial Coordinator in flight of 2 L39 fighters to Jamaica. “NASCAR AIR-TO-AIR” Ford Racing Division, Ford Motor Co Karl Edwards Commercial; “DAYTONA RACE” Ford Racing Air-to-Air Combat Promotional Stunt Pilot flying L-39 Wild Child; “DEFECTOR” Stunt Pilot flying F-86; I-WORKS aerial portraying the “1st, 2nd, Korean, Viet, and Future Fighter Aircraft”’ Stunt Pilot flying Draken and Gnat jets; “EAAs TIMELESS VOICES OF AVIATION” flying fighter aircraft; “MICROSOFT INSIDER LIVE” flying Dago Red race plane; "HONDA” Stunt Pilot flying a L-39; ”HEART OF AMERICA" Aerial Coordinator, Stunt Pilot flying F-86/T-33; “Airshow” F-86 Acrobatic Pilot; "BEDE-10 JET" Aerial Coordinator, Acrobatic Stunt Pilot; "GENUINE DRAFT MILLER BEER” Bobby Rahaul racing, Aerial Coordinator, Draken jet Stunt Pilot, RSA, USA, Inc.; "CHUCK YEAGER PEPSI" Aerial Coordinator, P-51 Stunt Pilot; "COLOR TILE" Aerial Coordinator, P-51 Stunt Pilot; “CHUCK YEAGER DELCO” battery, Aerial Coordinator, Stunt Pilot, "COLOR TILE II" Aerial Coordinator, P-51 Stunt Pilot, Photography Assistant; "U-2 TODAY" Aerial Coordinator, Test Pilot; "RED KNIGHT AIRSHOW" Aerial Coordinator, T-33 Acrobatic Pilot, Airshow Pilot; "SKYFIRE" Race Pilot, Flight Coordinator; "SHOWDAY VNY" Race Pilot, Flight Coordinator

MOVIES:  “KEROSENE COWBOYS” Stunt Pilot aerial coordinator, “KILL SPEED” Stunt Pilot Aerial Coordinator. “FAST GLASS” Stunt Pilot Aerial Coordinator of air combat flights into Grand Canyon.  “IRONMAN” Stunt Pilot of rocketman flights over Santa Monica pier. “THUNDER OVER RENO” Stunt Pilot Aerial Coordinator of Reno Race scenes. “SUCCUBUS” Aerial Coordinator, Stunt Pilot air-to-air L-39 fighter aircraft TOP GUN maneuvers; “JAR HEAD” Stunt Pilot for all aerial photography fighter flying shots; "HOT SHOTS" Aerial Coordinator, Gnat T-1 jet Stunt Pilot, all aerial photography flying stunts; "MISSION OF THE SHARK" Albatross Aerial Coordinator; "FIREBIRDS" Draken jet Stunt Pilot; Consultant; “SUCH IS” Stunt Pilot flying stunts; "B.O.R.N" Executive Producer, P-51 Stunt Pilot, Aerial Coordinator; "NAVY SEALS" Aerial Advisor. "DEAL OF THE CENTURY" Technical Advisor; "THE RIGHT STUFF" T-33, A-4, F-86 Pilot, Flight Stunts.

TV SERIES:  Actor/Pilot on “THE REAL WORLD” Canadian Reality show, History Channel “SHOCKWAVE” interview Lumshovak Record T33 Flight, Cintrope “TEST PILOT” reality show flying ME-109 WWII, Gnat fighters; Panopoly Productions “FIGHTER PILOT” flying L-39 fighter; Bruised Heal Productions “AIRSHOW” flying ME-109 WWII fighter; Cintrope “AIR RACE” reality show flying P-51 Dago Red; MTV’s series “SENSELESS ACTS OF VIDEO” L-39 Stunt pilot, ejection of passenger as event; “BEYOND BELIEF” Aerial Coordinator and T-33 Stunt Pilot;  "HARDCOPY", John Travolta, John Denver BD-10 Stunt flights; A&E "FIRST FLIGHTS" Neil Armstrong flights, flying Meteor; "DISCOVERY" BD-10 Flight Test;  "SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN" Opening Credit T-33 jet Out of Control maneuver.

Total Flight Time: Approximately 15,000 hours in fighter types
Fighter types: A-4, A-6, A-7, A-37, F-4, RF-4, F-5, F-8, F-11, F-15, F-16, F-86, F-89, F-100, F-101, F-102, F-104, F-105, F-106, F-111, F-117, T-1, T-2, T-6, T-33, T-34, T-37, T-38, O-2, OV-1, OV-10, U-2, Casa, Draken J35, Fouga, Gnat T-1, L-29, L-39, Mig-15, Mig-17, Mig-19, Mig-21, Mig-23, Sepa jet, Soko, SU-25, SU-27, Vampire, Meteor, P-38, P-40, P-47, P-51, F-8, ME-109, Yak-3, Yak-8, Yak-11, Yak-50, Yak-55, Spitfire, Skyraider, Mosquito, Sea Fury, Corsair, Lear Stang, Ag Cat, Steerman, Bear B-360, Thunder Mustang, T-6, T-28, T-41, BD-5J, BD-10.

Bomber Transport types: B-52, B-57, C-1, C-5, C-39, C-47, C-131, C-130, C-141, C-195, B-707, B-737, B-747, L-1011, Jetstar, Falcon 20, QueenAir, KingAir, MU-2, more not listed. 

Unlimited Racers: Dago Red, Rare Bear, Stiletto, Tsunami, Voodoo, Mr Awesome, Jeannie 69, Healer, Miracle Maker, Platinum Plus, Risky Business, MOF Bearcat, Habu, Dreadnought, Shangri-La, Roscoe Turner LTR14, Yak Attack, P51-B The Believer, Miss Ashley, Miss Ashley II, Perestroika, VooDo, Firecracker, Blind Mans Bluff, Critical Mass, Wild Fire, Sumptin Else, Jeannie II, Thunder Mustang, Insane Racing, Wild Child.

BEAR AIRCRAFT, LLC    President   www.bearaircraft.com 2006 – Present
Bear Aircraft is an aircraft development company for sport, acrobatic and amphibious aircraft, and a manufacturing/distribution company for metal/composite aircraft, as well as patented manufacturing techniques and proprietary process for light-weight materials relating to performance enhancement for general aviation corporate, sport, trainer, and home-built aircraft. Bear Aircraft is presently manufacturing and marketing a WWII design, all metal, sport acrobatic aircraft in Russia as well as continuing prototype designing of corporate and sport aircraft.
BEAR AEROSPACE, Inc.  President & CEO   www.bearaerospace.com      1998 – 2005
Bear Aerospace, a public company, was an aircraft development company for sport, acrobatic and amphibious aircraft, and a manufacturing/distribution company for metal/composite aircraft.
ADVANCED CONCEPTS CORP.        1998 - 2000
Director of Flight Operations.  Structured public company for marketing, public relations, advertising, distribution, manufacturing, sales and $2000 per pound satellite placement system.
Director of Flight Operations / Director for International Operations of a public company introducing high altitude aircraft for cell phone transmission instead of using satellites or ground stations.  Board of Director for Platforms International Corp 1999 – 2000.
BEDE JET CORPORATION. Director of Flight Ops.  Chief Test Pilot BD-10 Jet Aircraft.1993- 1994
Flew 800 test, demonstration and airshow flights. Chief Test Pilot, completed performance, handling qualities, stability & control, flutter, systems, and structural flight test requirements. 
FIGHTER TECH. President,  Stunt Pilot       1991 - 1996
Acquired and managed jet aircraft for movie, commercials, flight test, or training.  Race/Flight Test Pilot/Manager on race plane projects, new manufacture, prototype and new composite aircraft.
LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT, "Skunk Works" Division.  Experimental Test Pilot.1978 - 1994
Engineering Test Pilot team member for cockpit and system design reviews, aircraft design reviews, flight test, production test, production acceptance, and flight test reporting on F-22, F-117, U-2R, TR-1 programs and numerous other classified fighter aircraft projects.
UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, Combat Fighter Pilot, Test Pilot, Lt Colonel 1966 - 2004
Combat Pilot with World Record of 1,072 combat flight hours: Korat RTAFB (1968) and Takhli RTAFB (1969) in F-105D Thunderchief fighter aircraft for 163 combat missions, 471.5 combat flight hours. Korat RTAFB (1970-1971) in F-4E Phantom fighter aircraft for 189 combat missions, 600.9 combat flight hours.
Air Force Test Pilot School Instructor, teaching stability & control, spin theory, weapons system integration, human factors, qualitative aircraft analysis, and experimental aircraft dynamics and handling. 
Aggressor Top Gun Pilot and Reports Analysis Branch Chief at the Pacific Air Forces Combat Sage Top Gun live firing test and evaluation facility in the Philippines.
California ANG pilot.

Family = Husband to Keri Dede Holm, superhero of the planet, step-Dad to Sgt. Christopher Wilson, US Air Force, Luke AFB and Krystal, mother to a getting there baby boy-pilot, Dad to Lieutenant Jeffrey Sky Holm, US Coast Guard Officer, now Captain of his very own Coast Guard ship, Key West, FL, and to Ashley Brooke Holm, better known as Afterburner  (abr. of AB), a wonderful young lady, talented music composer, and excellent student just graduated from the University of California Irvine.
Hobbies = Sport flying, aerial dog-fighting, family activities, jogging, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, tennis and traveling. 
I grew up on a farm in North Dakota and bumped around on horses a lot.

MS from University of Southern California in Aeronautical Engineering/Systems Management
BS from North Dakota State University in Aeronautical Engineering
USAF Test Pilot School MS in Aviation & Space Engineering and Flight Test

Associations = Living Legends, Society of Experimental Test Pilots, Air Force Association, Unlimited Air Racing Division, National Air Racing Group, Air Racing Unlimited Organization, National Aeronautics Association, Pi Tau Sigma scholastic fraternity, Theta Chi social fraternity, Screen Actors Guild, Commemorative Air Force, Church at Rocky Peak, and numerous community groups.